1 MomoGo = 1 Child's Education 📚

National Head Start Association + MomoGo 

Mission: Provide children everywhere an opportunity at education. I believe education is a huge foundation for a child's success. 

No child should be left behind #momogonhsa

What is NHSA: NHSA's annual campaign helps us ensure millions of children and families are represented in Washington, D.C. NHSA’s advocacy work ensures that every single Head Start child, family, and program has their voice represented in the halls of Congress, before the White House, and in state capitals.

MomoGo has partnered up with NHSA! For every MomoGo sold, we contribute to 1 Child's Education. This foundation is very important to me and dear to my heart. My mom has been an educator for 20+ years and now serves as a Principal. I've witnessed first hand how children suffer without proper education. I also know how it feels to not be able to afford preschool for my son. Times got tough and education was something I could not afford. I wish I had a helping hand. Now that I am in a position to give back and contribute, I am striving to provide families and parents with the ability to put their child into preschool. It's my goal and mission to help children everywhere receive the education they deserve!


Jina - Founder