We are “nurse bees”, empowering families and caregivers everywhere to live present and happy lives. Just as nurse bees are the main foundation in a hive and works around the clock caring for their brood, families work around the clock caring for their baby. How you care for your baby is a major foundation on the life they will live.
We understand busy bee families go through struggling moments with a young baby. Day-to-day grocery shopping is difficult, eating out as a family can be tough and simply enjoying life may get clouded. MomoGo is here to help you stay present and happy on-the-go, while bringing a sense of comfort with safety, security and support. 
Our struggle began just as many of you may have experienced:
“Why doesn’t this cart cover fit all shopping carts? How is this supposed to keep my baby safe and sitting up? How am I supposed to push a stroller AND a whole cart full of groceries? If I put the car seat IN the cart, WHERE will all the groceries go? If I baby wrap, HOW am I supposed to bend over and lift up heavy cases of water?”
These very questions fueled the drive and passion towards the creation of MomoGo. It is our mission to promote:
💛Present and happy family moments worldwide through our unique and versatile product
💛Community partnerships
💛Personal transparency
We created the MomoGo so you can shop with ease, spend time with your family and enjoy precious moments knowing your baby is safe, secure and supported.
So say goodbye to traditional shopping cart covers!
The MomoGo provides parents with an alternative option, designed to offer safety, security, and support for babies 4 months and older.
A product made by parents, for parents!
Life on the go is like facing the fears of the unknown. We conquer the unknown by providing a product that is convenient, comfortable, and clean.
When babies are on the go, MomoGo.