We’re On a Mission

Jina and Jeri founded MomoGo on a mission—to provide parents on the go with an alternative and more versatile option to traditional shopping cart covers. They wanted to give parents everywhere a clean, comfortable, and convenient child seat insert that featured components of safety, security, and support for babies 4 months and older.

MomoGo founders Jeri and Jina, Moses and Naomi

Our Beginnings

Once upon a time, on an island far far away, lived a precious 4-month-old baby (Moses), his mom (Jina), and his grandma (Jeri). This little baby was the light of their lives!

Their world revolved around him.

One day while shopping, they decided to use a traditional shopping cart cover. Although Moses was strong enough to hold his head up, he couldn’t fully support himself to sit up straight. Despite being strapped into the cart cover, Moses fussed and cried from discomfort, and he kept tipping over because there was so much room.

Let’s just say this wasn’t the best experience for any of them.

More attempts of using the shopping cart cover were made, packing extra blankets and pillows to provide support. Or they would resort to holding onto him the entire time!

After many failed attempts using the shopping cart cover, they weighed out other options:“How am I supposed to push a stroller AND a whole cart full of groceries? If I put the car seat IN the cart, WHERE will all the groceries go? If I baby wrap, HOW am I supposed to bend over and lift up heavy cases of water?

That is literally when the light bulb went off in their heads!

Tired of always packing the shopping cart cover with extra blankets and pillows to support Moses, Jina and Jeri decided to sew a chair that would be both comfortable and actually support him.

After many laughs, and many attempts, they managed to sew a chair—the first MomoGo—that not only solved the problem but ended up being versatile, easy-to-use, clean, comfortable, and a functional solution for taking babies shopping and dining.

MomoGo customer baby collage

MomoGo - The Game Changer for Parents On-The-Go

Within 2 months of its official launch, MomoGo reached the hands of over 1,000 babies!

So say goodbye to traditional shopping cart covers!

The MomoGo provides parents with an alternative option, designed to offer safety, security, and support for babies 4 months and older.

A product to honor parents on the go!

Life on the go is like facing the fears of the unknown. We conquer the unknown by providing a product that is convenient, comfortable, and clean.

When babies are on the go, MomoGo